Minecraft 1.2

The Minecraft server is updated to 1.2, with a new central build area and many new features.

Contact davejk on Steam if you need to be whitelisted.

Important Mumble update

If you use Mumble, and your client installation is version 1.2.2 or later, you need to go here and download a hotfix or it will stop working today:

Minecraft is fixed

Again. And by "fixed" I mean "might work for 10 minutes before it crashes again because Notch is actually a large group of monkeys with typewriters that produced a half working game by chance"

Knifeback News

The server has been updated and restarted. If anything gets crazily broken (particularly Minecraft, since I've updated Java), let me know.

In ~~community~~ news, RIP Fishbus

TF2 Player Count Fixed

Now you can be sure there's really nobody playing on it, rather than it just looking that way.

Minecraft Updated

I'm sure you're all very excited to hear this

Important Minecraft News

There appears to be a bug with the player data for a small number of people on Knifeback Minecraft. If you are unable to join the Minecraft server, please contact me on Steam, by email or by forums PM to help resolve the issue.

Minecraft Update

The Knifeback Minecraft server is back up.

It was taken down briefly due to a world corruption bug. We believe this has something to do with minecarts, so please avoid disconnecting while in a minecart until there's a patch.

Knifeback's Updated

If you have any issues with Mumble (or anything else) from now on, please let me know.

Minecraft Update!

Knifeback is now updated to Minecraft 1.4, the notable features of which include pet dogs and the ability to bake biscuits.

Contact davejk, Dr Dozzy or Phoolcat if you need to be added to the whitelist.

What's Knifeback?

Knifeback Mountain is a group of semiprivate game servers for members of the SA forums (and their friends), based in Europe. There's a Mumble server, all sorts of regular events, and whatever games people want hosted.